We have subscription packages to meet your needs, so you can set yourself up for a healthy routine, and forget about the bother of reordering, payment problems, etc. Just set it, and forget it. We can ship your package to wherever you live in the United States! Deliveries go out Monday evening and are shipped for 1-2 Day delivery with refrigerant packs. 7 Day packages will have an additional shipping charge - second weekly shipments go out on Wednesdays. Drinks are shipped in PET plastic to minimize the cost of shipping.

Shipping is $20 to DC/MD/VA, $30 to most of the East Coast (except FL and parts of ME), anywhere from $50-$100 for the rest of the country. If you are DC local, or want to handpick your items, we also offer our a la carte selection, in addition to store pickup service.

Our subscriptions are the most economical way to get our products on a regular basis! And of course, you may pause or cancel at ANY time.

What makes us different than everyone else in the country? We cut no corners. Oh, and we're owned and operated by a Chef.

We've served all sorts of DC Elite, in addition to A-list visitors to DC, most of which we never publicize, but if you look at our Instagram there's at least one pictured... we've knocked the socks off of everyone from NBA, MLB & NHA players, movie stars, standup comedians, visiting dignitaries, touring musicians... the list goes on. When you offer RAW, ORGANIC, and VEGAN food with flavor, at a fair price, you attract the best in the world. Many of our guests have inquired about shipping over the years, so now we do. We know our products are not just the best option in DC, but in the country. Add to that convenient shipping, subscription billing, and world-class customer service, and you have an ideal partner for your wellness journey.

Our food will truly nourish you. This is not a get-skinny-quick scheme, but your legit segway into a healthy and long-lasting lifestyle. Our food will improve your digestion, build healthy gut flora, help you find your ideal weight, improve the condition of your hair/skin/nails, and set you on the path for better habits. Especially paired with some of our "lifestyle" offerings, and bolstered by our upcoming healthy community platform, you can truly transform your life. The quality of your life is within your own hands - you just have to commit - we'll help you do the rest.

What are your goals?

We've helped tens of thousands of people reach their daily and/or longer term health goals since 2012. So what are yours?

WEIGHT LOSS: I hear this a lot. My suggestion is doing our 3 day Juice Cleanse (available for delivery/shipping in our a la carte menu) then rolling directly into our 7 Day All inclusive package. Repeat until you reach your desired weight, then you can go into "maintenance" mode. Indivicual results will vary, but our guests average weight loss of about 1 pound per day.

MAINTENANCE: Either of our 4 day packages are great for holding ground on your health. Incorporating high quality, fresh, organic juices, smoothies, and raw foods will keep you flush with vitamins and minerals, and keep your energy levels up.

Weight Loss Testimonial

Still doing really well! Have "survived" two dinners out plus one at a residence as well as two visits to my apartment... and I am completely fine with it! One person commented on my food choices... but that's it. So very easy. Have lost lots of weight already and getting into some clothes I have had trouble with lately!  Today I am meeting a friend at a juice bar! - Cecilia Browning

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Think you're ready to change your life? Want to take it to the next level? Tired of looking fruitlessly for "woke" friends - feeling like you're the only one who gets it? Join the movement. Test in, join a crew of like-minded people, get daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration and guidance, q&a video conference calls with Denise, recipes/shopping lists, discounts on food/products, and even a cool keepsake custom-inscribed with the word that motivates you. Helping you live with purpose, from food to nightly meditations, hands on practical advice for results-oriented individuals.  

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