Weight Loss Cleanse

Weight Loss Cleanse


If you’re a bit more hardcore or need to drop weight rather quickly for medical reasons, this is a great option for you. This was developed by one of our customers, and in 10 days she lost 17 pounds. Choose your own drinks:

1 juice for breakfast
1 juice/smoothie for lunch
Make your own dinner featuring fresh seasonal veggies and whole grains/seeds (eg brown rice, quinoa)

10 day: $195 (plus $40 for bottles, refunded when you return in good condition)

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Important Details: 

  • Order by Tuesday Noon ET for delivery Saturday. Order by Friday Noon for Tuesday delivery.
  • We deliver to your home or business address in the DC area, within the beltway, in DC, and MD. Within 5 miles of the beltway in VA. Please contact me if you're outside this area to arrange alternative pickup.
  • $20 minimum order
  • $4 delivery charge
  • Save 5% on orders over $50 by using "turn it up" coupon code at checkout!
  • To receive bottle  refund, simply leave bottles for collection at next delivery. 
  • If you won't be home during delivery window, please leave a cooler by your door large enough to accommodate your order.  Ice helps too!