The Hangover Package

The Hangover Package


Our hangover package will help you recover from a (sometimes necessary) night of a little too much fun! Here's your high level hangover strategy, east meets west perspectives:

1) hydrate, add back vitamins/minerals, and anti-inflame
2) focus on contractive elements, since alcohol is so expansive

And here's your plan:

The night of:

Detox - Drink our Black Beauty with Activated Charcoal before bed (16 oz bottle)
Hydrate - Unlimited filtered water by your bed (we'll include one 32 oz bottle)
SLEEP - get as much sleep as possible in a cold/dark room

The next morning:

Renourish - Take a shot first thing, highest end organic liquid vitamins/minerals - 2 oz container
Energize - Drink our cold-pressed Coffee
Reintegrate - Get outside for 30 minutes, ideally go for a run & sweattttttt
Anti-inflammation - Followup with a good stretch and start sipping our Turmeric Juice (16 oz) 
Detox & Clean up bath - Epsom salt soak for 15-30 minutes w/eucalyptus and peppermint (2 cups which you'll add to your own bath or foot soak)
Umeboshi plum - Highly contractive, eat one, then have breakfast!

Breakfast (not included) - Eat a salty/cooked breakfast, which will help to "contract" you, since alcohol is "expansive". Don't go too crazy - think along the lines of fresh, grilled avocado toast with chia seeds.

Package comes with cute printed instructions and/or specially-branded bags by request. Perfect for a bachelorette party gift, graduation gift, or just to have on hand in case a wine and "cheese" night gets out of hand!

Separately this package would cost $57, but we offer at the combined price of $42 + $8 for bottles (refundable).

Because let's face it, life is about 80/20 - do the right thing most of the time, the other part of the time will take care of itself - this package is for the 20% of the time!

Note: Bradley Cooper not included ;)


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