Juice All Day Cleanse

Juice All Day Cleanse

from 72.00

1-day Juice cleanse module
$60 + $12 bottle deposit

3-day Juice cleanse
$170 + $36 bottle deposit
receive a $2 refund for each bottle you return in good condition

6 juices/day, each day consists of:

1 black beauty limonada
1 grapefruit juice with E3 live
2 greens celery & cuke
1 beet-ch
1 cinnamon'y cashew milk

Start your day with mild diuretics, which will help relieve bloat and water weight. Then flood your newly lightened body with nutrients from fresh, organic, cold-pressed juice (5-6x the nutrients of other juices!), and finish your day with a satisfying dose of healthy fats and proteins so you can go to bed satisfied and sleep soundly.

Want to bump up the weight loss potential? Remove the cashew milk or sub with any of our other delicious vegetable-based juices!

1 day: $55 (plus $12 for bottles, refunded when you return in good condition) [$46 w/out cashew]
Expect relief from some mild issues and to feel great! If you’ve never done a cleanse before, this is a great way to begin. Keep up the healthy eating by replacing one meal with a juice per day, and watch your health continue to improve. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs on this cleanse.

3 day: $160 (plus $36 for bottles, refunded when you return in good condition) [$133 w/out cashew]
This is a great kickstart to a healthier you! I encourage this type of cleanse 4x per year, in conjunction with the seasons – it’ll give your system a chance to rest and rejuvenate, relieve the pressure on your digestive system, and help to reset your palette. Coming off the cleanse you should naturally feel inclined to eat lighter. I encourage juicing daily as a part of your healthy diet going forward. Expect to lose several (5-6) pounds during this cleanse.

Extended Packages also available.

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