Black Beauty Limonada w/Activated Charcoal

Black Beauty Limonada w/Activated Charcoal


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activated charcoal, lemon juice, lime juice, grade B maple syrup, pink himalayan salt, filtered water

*made with organic ingredients


Activated charcoal is said to  be an excellent detoxifier with purported benefits including: glowing skin, teeth whitening, debloatin, toxin adsorption, hangover prevention, elimination improvement, and energizing!

A few notes:

- While we are usually ALL organic, there is no source of USDA organic activated charcoal, but rest assured we use the highest quality charcoal on the market.

- While activated charcoal is generally recognized as "safe", you should not consume more than approximately one serving of it (or one juice) per day, due to its highly detoxing effects.

- Furthermore, if you're on certain medications, there may be interactions you should consider before consuming activated charcoal - please read more and consult your doctor if you have any concerns:

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