Artius Partner Package

Artius Partner Package

from 360.00

Our partner, Artius, has helped to design your 3 week foods/drinks package, featuring organic, fresh, high end juices, smoothies, salads, savories, differing in selection week to week. We want to ensure you eat well and stay well! Here are you package options:


A.  5 day breakfast, lunch $360

B.  7 day breakfast, lunch $500

C.  5 day breakfast , lunch, dinner $575

D.  7 day breakfast, lunch, dinner $800


Prices include a refundable bottle deposit ($2) which can be returned by leaving the bottles out when your next delivery arrives. There is also tax and a delivery fee. We can only offer this package for local deliveries inside the beltway for now - we can make exceptions for people in GF, Herndon, Reston, etc. Please select like "Artius 5 Day Delivery - $15" or "Artius 7 Day delivery $30" during checkout (two deliveries per week vs one). Deliveries are usually on either Monday/Tuesday, or Friday/Saturday, depending on your delivery location; I will coordinate with you after you order.

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