First look at the FreshFarm Market at CityCenter DC

“It was, in a word, delicious.”



Raw Deal.

“Hicks prepares the menu with a wide assortment of organic and natural plant-based ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. A raw foods advocate, she is certified by the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in New York.”

Arlington MAGAZINe


House Cafeteria Goes Postmodern

“Hicks' company delivers "health-supportive, plant-based foods and drinks, inspired by culinary traditions, influenced by progressive nutrition,”

Food-Management Magazine


Meet Denise Hicks

“Postmodern Foods offers seasonal, wholesome foods and drinks that are 'health-supportive, plant-based, inspired by culinary traditions, influenced by progressive nutrition, and made with the best possible, organic ingredients!' BINGO”

Elle Being


The Vegetarian Resource Group's Online Guide

“Enjoy organic fresh juices, raw dishes including Massaged Kale Salad, Raw Taco Salad, and Pad Thai with Spicy Almond Sauce. For dessert you can order Chia Pudding or Raw Donut Holes.,”

The Vegetarian Resource Group


How Vegan is Your State?

“D.C. has an eclectic mix of cuisine, and many establishments offer interesting vegan alternatives.”



Where to eat Healthy, Fast, and Local in DC

“Grab a quick and healthy bite, all while supporting local business.”



Postmodern Foods offers fresh, healthy eats

“Postmodern Foods will eventually grow in popularity, so take advantage of its low-key atmosphere before it’s gone.”



Offering "Fresh Food Fast"

“Offering a variety of organic and freshly made cold pressed juices, fruit and vegetable smoothies, entrees, and desserts, her focus has been to promote a healthy lifestyle with the mantra "Eat More Plants."


Step up your clean eating game at Postmodern Foods

“From reusable glassware and compostable packaging to plant-based and vegan food and drink items, this restaurant is good for the environment and your body.”



Organic Food Store Aims to Inspire Diets

“strong vision for the identity and mission of her store: to promote organic and nutrient-filled food that appeals to both health nuts and foodies.”




There's nothing fishy about the vegan "sushi" from Postmodern Foods

“That profile is a satisfying mix of flavors and textures in the sushi . . . It's a little sweet . . . For freshness, shredded carrots. . . . Dip the sushi in the accompanying tamari sauce, and you get a whole different salty sensation.”

Washington Post


Yoga Studio Opening Soon in Crystal City

"Hicks makes all the items herself and plans to sell the beverages in glass containers, and the food in compostable, cornstarch based plastic containers."