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Think you're ready to change your life? Want to take it to the next level? Tired of looking fruitlessly for "woke" friends - feeling like you're the only one who gets it? Join the movement. Test in, join a crew of like-minded people, get daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration and guidance, q&a video conference calls with Denise, recipes/shopping lists, discounts on food/products, and even a cool keepsake custom-inscribed with the word that motivates you. Helping you live with purpose, from food to nightly meditations, hands on practical advice for results-oriented individuals.  

Specifically here's what you can expect to receive:

  - like-minded community: accountability and cheerleading
  - monthly themes (e.g. taking risks)
  - weekly sunday (church) video conference checkins with pre-submitted questions - I'll try to answer them all!
  - weekly inspirational memes to save on your phone as a reminder and to keep you on track
  - weekly recipe ideas with shopping lists
  - daily spiritual reminders for evening meditations
  - custom hand-hammered keychain to not only inspire you, but also give you access to a 10% discount both in store and online

Love the MOVEMENT and want more? Add on:

  - private one on one video conferences with Denise
  - subscription food pacakages
  - coming soon: spiritual retreat packages

The test below is your portal to the next level! Make sure you take it and pass it to get full access to the MOVEMENT. Didn't pass? We'll have a video to teach you everything you need to know soon - make sure you take notes so you can pass the quiz!