We Are an Organic Food and Drink Company!  


Postmodern Foods is flipping the concept of fast food on its head. We serve high quality and nutrient-rich foods for a convenience-loving culture.  So, you can get a healthy option on the go!  While we've made getting organic food fast and easy, the actual food preparations takes Postmodern Foods time, energy, love, and thought.  Each product at Postmodern Foods was designed to optimize your health.



Our History:

Postmodern Foods was founded in 2012, and opened its flagship store in Great Falls, VA in 2014.  In December of 2015, Postmodern Foods added a location on M Street in Georgetown. As Postmodern Foods grows, the company plans to continue changing the fast food landscape.  



What is the meaning behind Postmodern Foods? 

The concept “postmodern” evokes a specific idea: to question convention.  The term is readily linked to the art movement of the same namesake. Through that movement, artists prompted the public to question, “What is art?”  So, how does that relate to food?  With all the processing in our food industry today, we should absolutely question convention.  


“Food should be first and foremost nutritious. We’ve been marketed and branded out of what’s truly important and that’s what’s on the inside. The ingredients. The sources. The practices,” said Postmodern Foods owner, founder, and chef,  Denise Hicks. “To remain unconscious about what you put in your body is no longer an option. Food shouldn’t look perfect. Perfect is an illusion and in the food industry it means processed. It is overrated and devoid of substance, character, and flavor. We urge you to think different. To eat different.  It’s what’s on the inside that counts!”


At Postmodern Foods, we urge you to think differently about the foods you are eating and ultimately, to eat differently.